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Whether you’re a Sunday school leader looking for new teaching resources, a parent shopping for your child’s first Bible, or simply a church-goer that is looking for unique Christian gifts, one of the first places that you will likely think to visit is a Christian book store. Unfortunately, depending on your geographic location, you may or may not have access to one that has the items that you are looking for. At Faith Shoppe, we’ve eliminated the legwork of finding a suitable Christian book store near you by offering a huge assortment of Christian products right here on our website.

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Though we are a Christian book store, we also carry an extensive collection of Christian gifts. Among our precious mementos, you will find keepsakes that are perfect gifts for holidays, weddings, birthdays, Christenings, Baptisms, or “just-because” presents.

Just because you’re visiting us online doesn’t mean that we don’t offer the same great deals, bargains, and friendly Christian atmosphere that you would get if you walked into a brick and mortar store! Our site is filled with faith-based resources, scripture references, and of course, great sales and product recommendations! Visit us online today and experience a Christian shopping experience like no other!.

Running a Bookstore

Bookstore is a tasking and complex operation which requires complete understanding of the desires of the readers, publishing industries and the cooperation of the trained professionals.

Running a bookstore and its ultimate success depends primarily on its establishment .proper market survey will automatically lead to growth and your bookstore will grow and thrive.

Steps to follow:

Determine the market

Successful running of a bookstore stems right from its conception and establishment. study the retail area and market. Talk to business owners especially the booksellers and the establish and exploit niches that can be explored.

Business plan

This comprise of a formal document which describe the proposed encompasses the plan to achieve the goals of the bookstore to be established. Lenders and investors are primarily concerned with the plan .it will incorporate good executive summary and a solid marketing plan.

It includes details of your product, distribution strategy ,pricing scheme and the marketing budget.


Finding a good rental space is paramount for running a successful business. The business should be situated in an area with a lot of pedestrian traffic for ease of accessing the book store.

Tenant improvement such as installing bookshelves and a counter should be given optimum attention.

Obtain financing 

This is determined by the amount of startup capital needed. The primary sources of the financing include yourself, lenders and investors. There are plenty of small business loan programs available.

Legalizing the business

This means obtaining a business license and deciding on the legal business form. The business can be run as sole proprietorship or you can incorporate the business.

Stock the bookstore

This involves ordering books from suppliers , publishers and filling the shelves. Stock books which are in line with the market niche you indicated in the business plan.


This will involve creating awareness of the existence of the business to the community about the new bookstore. Printing fliers, putting advertisement and coupons in local newspapers, online advertisement or you can hold a grand opening sale.

Offering other services

This is geared to increasing the revenue generated by the business as well as increasing the sales. Small café at bookstore, schedule book readings and signings. Offer seminars on topics which are appropriate at the bookstore’s niche..